Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are a professional manufacturer specialised in producing GFCI/AFCI outlets, USB outlets, receptacles, switches and wall plates in independant factory located in China.

Q2: What kind of certifications do your products have ?

A: All our products are UL/cUL and ETL/cETLus listed thus comply with the quality standards in North American markets.

Q3: How do you manage your quality control?

A: We mainly follow up below 4 parts for quality control.

1) Strict supply chain management include supplier selection and supplier rating.

2) 100% IQC inspection and strict process control

3) 100% Inspection for finished product process.

4)Strict final inspection before shipment.

Q4: Do you have the exclusive patents to avoid infringement for your GFCI receptacles?

A: Of course, all our GFCI products are designed with exclusive patents registered in USA.  Our GFCI is adopting advanced 2-segment mechanical principle which is totally different from Leviton's for avoiding any possible infringement.  Besides, we offer professional legal protection against potential lawsuits related to patent or intellectual property infringement. 

Q5: How can I sell your products of Faith brand?

A: Please get the permission before selling Faith brand products, this is intended to protect the authorized distributor's right and avoid the marketing conflict.

Q6: Could you provide the liability insurance for your products?

A: Yes, we could provide the AIG liability insurance for our products.

Q7: What are the main markets you are serving?

A: Our main markets include: North America 70%, South America 20% and Domestic 10%.

Q8: Do I need to test my GFCIs monthly?

A: Yes, you should manually test your GFCIs on a monthly basis.

Q9: Are Self-Test GFCIs required by the National Electrical Code®?

A: All the GFCIs manufactured after the date June 29th, 2015 must include the auto-monitoring and many of the GFCI manufacturers use the term self-test.

Q10: What are Faith USB In-Wall Charger Outlets?

A: Faith USB In-Wall Chargers have USB ports and most models have 15 Amp Tamper- Resistant Outlets. They are designed for adapter-free charging for two USB-powered electronic devices at once, leaving the outlets free for additional power needs.  You can choose the port combination of USB A/A and USB A/C for different applications.

Q11: Do the USB In-Wall Chargers wire differently than standard outlets?

A: No. USB In-Wall Chargers install the same as a standard outlet and can replace an existing outlet.

Q12: What devices can be charged using Faith USB In-Wall Chargers?

Faith USB In-Wall Chargers can charge the latest tablets, smartphones, standard mobile phones, handheld gaming devices, e-readers, digital cameras, and many more USB-powered devices including but not limited to:

• Apple® Devices
• Samsung® Devices
• Google® Phones
• Tablets
• Smart and Mobile Phones
• Windows® Phones
• Nintendo Switch
• Bluetooth® Headsets
• Digital Cameras
• KindleTM, e-readers
• Watches including: Garmin, Fitbit® and Apple

Notes: Except for Faith brand, all other brand names or marks are used for identification purposes and are trademarks of their respective owners.

Q13: Can I charge multiple tablets at once?

A: Yes. Faith In-Wall Chargers can charge as many tablets as there are available USB ports.

Q14: Can I charge my older devices on the USB Type-C port?

A: Yes, USB Type-C is backwards-compatible with older versions of USB A, but you will need an adapter that has a Type-C connector on one end and an older-style USB Type A port on the other end. You can then plug your older devices directly into a USB Type-C port. The device will charge like any other Type A in-wall charger.

Q15: If my device is plugged into a charging port on a Faith GFCI Combination USB and the GFCI trips, will my device continue charging?

A: No. For safety consideration, if a GFCI trip occurs, power is automatically denied to the charging ports to help protect connected devices, and charging will not resume until the GFCI has been reset.