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15 Amp 125V tamper resistant AFCI/GFCI receptacle, include matching wallplate/faceplate and screws, NEMA 5-15R, White, black, Ivory and Almond

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Faith® AFCI and GFCI outlet receptacles are the latest technology in electrical safety and a code approved replacement to dual function AFCI GFCI breakers. Ideal for protecting against electrical fires caused by arc faults and injury due to electrical shock, these AFCI GFCI receptacles comply with NEC® AFCI and GFCI requirements in kitchens and laundry areas for new construction or electrical services upgrades, circuit modifications/extensions and replacement receptacles. Like traditional GFCI receptacles, dual function AFCI GFCI receptacles are installed in the living locations so homeowners can see the LED light and perform TEST and RESET locally.

The Faith® AFCI GFCI combo outlet has one indicator light for signaling and easily distinguishing between a trip caused by an arc fault and a trip caused by a ground fault. This gives the clear information to the homeowner and therefore fewer callbacks for the contractor or electricians. Unlike AFCI GFCI breakers which must match the brand of the breaker box Faith® AFCI/GFCI receptacles fit any wall box for avoiding mess and reducing inventory. The GFCI support self-test function that tests itself one time within every two hours instead of testing within every 2 or 3 seconds avoiding confusion and providing the stable protection.


Tenhnical Specifications

Current Rating: 15A

Voltage: 125 Volt AC

Rated Frequency: 60 Hz

UL standard: UL1699, UL943, UL498



AFCI/GFCI combo helps protect your home and family from both arc-faults (AFCI) and from ground-faults (GFCI) by quickly cutting off power to help avoid a potential fire or shock occurrence.

Conducts the automatic self-test continuously thus it’s always ready to protect. The LED light will flash in red color when the device is no longer normally working.

Prevents line-load reversal miswire: no power to the face or downstream receptacles if wired incorrectly.

Automatic end of life detection: provides improved end of life (EOL) detection by rejecting false EOL information.

Comply with NEC Article 406.12 requirements, the tamper-resistant shutters prevents unwanted objects from being inserted into the receptacle for increased child safety.

Impact-resistant thermoplastic cover and body for durability.

ETL Listed.

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