Wall Plate SSC-SR-5

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5 Gang Decorative Wall Plate made of polycarbonate thermoplastic, Designed for high dielectric strength and arc resistance.

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The Faith switch wall plate is made of world-class polycarbonate that is durable and easy to clean. Versatile and affordable, this wall plate comes with matching mounting screw for easy installation in any room. Please ensure to turn off power at fuse box or circuit breaker before installing the wallplates. Replace existing wall plate with new sleek one, align holes in wall plate with holes in device, and then place one screw in each hole and tighten the screws.

Faith Electric offers wall face plates in nearly all usual shapes and sizes to meet the need of every specified request. Except for matching wall plates used for GFCI receptacles, USB outlets or switches, we also make standard or customized plates in matching surface dimensions and oversized flush mount options along with options for beveled or flat sides for particular use. These switch wall plates are available in standard gang sized from 1-6 and also available as OEM blanks or pre-punched. We can design any new part to suit your exact requirements from a single plate to an entire facility package If the existing wallplates do not completely meet your needs. In addition, we also offer everything pre-loaded, tailed or completely assembled ready to install solutions as the integrated solutions. 

All Faith switch wall plates are made right here in house. Except for plastic wall plates, we also offer metal wall plates which are made by modern machines including punch, laser and machining processes, state of the art finishing systems and dedicated engineering. We fabricate in just about a variety of material including plastics, aluminum, steel, and brass. Product are designed with workmanship include anodizing, powder coating, painting and specialty plating. Engraving can be realized via laser, screen or UV substrate.



Main material: PC

Flammability UL94, V2 rating.

Dimensions: 26.0cm x 11.5cm



Made of high quality polycarbonate thermoplastic material to provide durability, flexibility, and resilience to withstand hard impacts and heavy force.

Low-profile design that blends seamlessly without visible gaps between the wall plate cover and wall.

The high-quality painted finish adds an elegant look to any room.

Heat and fade resistance to temperatures over 100 degrees.

UL & CUL Listed.

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